Magic Kingdom

The Most Magical Place On Earth!
The Magic Kingdom Park is the jewel in the crown of Walt Disney World.  Packed full of fabulous attractions, and of course that beautiful Cinderella Castle, but it's that 'Disney Magic' that makes it so special!

Magic Kingdom

"Simply Perfect!"

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Scavenger Hunt

Simple but Involving
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    Something as simple as a scavenger hunt can really bring something special to a theme park(although it's not that the Magic Kingdom is short of anything special!)

    New in Spring of 2012, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom adds a whole new depth to the park for new guests and particularly regular visitors.

    Pick up your Sorcerers pack in Town Square, (just beside the Guest Relations Center) and the Magic Kingdom will instantly transform into a land of mystery and intrigue!

    This entertaining challenge invites guests to Defend the Magic Kingdom from the Disney Villains.
    Armed with your pack which includes a set of 5 cards, a magic card key and a Sorcerer's map, you are ready to be guided through your quest.
    The Keycard activates each of the 20 portals that are located around the park.  Each Portal has a Video Screen that reveals stage by stage, the sinister villains plot and in turn offers you a clue to the next part of your challenge.
    With over 70 cards available, you have over 12 million different possible games that can be played with the 5 random cards provided at the beginning, making this a truly unique experience for every visitor.

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Looks set to become a cult success for Disney!
    We love it!

    Watch out for Seasonal Cards during the special Holidays!

    Elsa Sorcerer Of The Magic Kingdom Card

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