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Character Greet Attraction

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    Closed For the New Transformers 3D Ride
    Donkey's Photo Finish was much more than just a Character greet;

    If you wanted a really good laugh with one of the Big Screens biggest mouthpieces, you could head over to the little stable located next to the Shrek Attraction! Donkey couldn’t always make it, but when he did pop out during the day, he had you in tears of laughter with the quick witted humor that rolled off his tongue.  

    While Donkey was a very Hi-tech animatronic version of our grey haired friend, the voicework was all 100% live performance from a very good Eddie Murphy soundalike! 

    Very sad that he's gone!

  • Location

    Production Central

    Opposite the Shrek 4D attraction exit.
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