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The Magic Kingdom Park is the jewel in the crown of Walt Disney World.  Packed full of fabulous attractions, and of course that beautiful Cinderella Castle, but it's that 'Disney Magic' that makes it so special!

Magic Kingdom

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Rides | The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Family Roller Coaster

  • Overview

    ‘the mine where a million diamonds shine!’ 

    The much awaited Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride first soft opened on the morning of May 21st 2014, and officially opened after much anticipation inside the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland on May 28th 2014.
    As of September 2014, Disney's Memory Maker Photo and Video package joins the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to provide ob board and passenger video clips for guests that pay for this premium service.  See the example below to find out what you can expect;

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is all about the life of the Dwarfs, and the mine theme takes some beautiful detail from the original Classic Snow White Movie.
    While you get to see a few characters from the film, the ride is all about our heroes and their wonderful mine!

    This gentle version of a Mild but Wild Roller coaster will sit somewhere between Thunder Mountain's 'thrill' ride and the Gentle rush of the Goofini Barnstormer.
    Aimed at families, this ride is scheduled to open some time towards the end of May of 2014, so you don't have to hold your breath too much longer!

    With scenes straight from the hit animation 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', the mine train looks set to be the most popular children's roller coaster of all time.
    Winding it's way through the 7 dwarfs' jewel encrusted mine, their Dwarfs Cottage and enchanting forest, the upbeat attraction will cause giggles and squeals all along its route.  As the rails run indoors and out, riders will have plenty to see, and that Disney Magic will be very much in evidence throughout the entire thrill ride.

    The ever popular 'Big Thunder Mountain' ride at the other side of the Magic Kingdom is lovingly referred to as 'mild but wild'.  The Seven Dwarf's Mine Train will certainly take a similar title!  

    Perhaps 'Milder less Wilder' !!!!

    One fantastic feature of the new trucks is a 'tilt' mechanism that allows the passenger cradle of the truck to gently sway from side to side as the truck rumbles around the indoor and outdoor section of the Seven Dwarfs route.  
    The motion will create a fun but calming effect on the ride and the novelty of the motion will actually work well for all guests as the 'natural sway' will soften the sensation of turning, much in the way as a bicycle naturally leans into a turn.

    The tilt angle is limited to around 10 degrees each way by the simple mechanism to the rear of the vehicles.
    Families that were hoping that Disney will follow the Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain system that enabled guests to ride with one small child between two adults will be disappointed.
    The ride vehicles have 'bucket' style seats, with moulded backrests that prevent a 'middle' passenger from taking the ride.
    As things stand there are seven trucks to a train and each truck includes two rows of two seats.  (28 riders per train)

    Magical theme is straight from the animated movie!

    Guests enter this big new attraction by crossing a stone bridge before heading down a charming forest walkway that leads to the familiar sight of the Dwarf's quaint cottage to meet Snow White and her seven adorable friends.  The stunning theming has been painstakingly recreated and the sense of magic will fill the entire experience of this amazing new attraction in New Fantasyland.
    Those charming songs and tunes from the movie will also play a huge part in your journey along the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train!

    Construction Update Video 

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  • Editor Comment

    The 'final gem' in Disney's New Fantasyland project, this beautiful family 'dark ride' coaster will cause a lot of fuss when it opens on May 28th 2014!

    Expect the Magic Kingdom to practically grind to an abrupt halt, at least for a few months or possibly a year as this highly anticipated attraction sets new attendance records for the Magic Kingdom!

    The new ride will really add a bit of adrenalin to New Fantasyland, but not in an excessive way!
    Up until now, the Great Goofini Roller Coaster was the only thing to give the kids a bit of a 'buzz' in this part of the Magic Kingdom!
    (Yes I am deliberately trying to block out that nauseating Mad Hatter Tea Party Tea Cup Ride).
    The super smooth and quiet trains appear to glide almost effortlessly around the 2 minute route, making it perfect for nervous riders or first time kids!
    This really is a family friendly roller coaster!

    Keep your eyes open for a few precious details that have been transferred lovingly from the 'Snow White's Scary Adventures Ride that once stood where the Princesses Fairytale Hall is now.

    For me, the beauty of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, harks back to the very roots of Disney.  Many would say that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is where the Disney brand really evolved, in the1937 animated adaptation of the legendary Brothers Grimm tale.
    If you want some Disney Magic, this is definitely where you will find it!

    With fabulous views of the park throughout points of the ride, this is definitely on our list of rides to run on a night time!

  • Location

    New Fantasyland

  • Tips

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Interactive Queue

    Some fun interactive games will help pass the time in the line wait area!

    Guests must be over 38" tall to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    Rider Swap is expected to be available.

    The line waits will often be around the hour mark or more for several years at least, so get to the Mine Train either first thing in the morning if you can.  The good news is that there are some fun interactive areas in the line wait area!
    Line waits may drop slightly during and shortly after the 3pm parade and during the Wishes Firework display.
    Fastpass+ of course can offer a wait free entry onto the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train so make sure that you register online in advance and reserve your day's Fastpass+ or, use one of the Fastpass+ kiosks inside the theme park to see what times you can reserve that same day of your visit.

    Kids will need a toilet stop before joining the line, and it might be best to time a visit to the ride so that it doesn't follow a huge intake of fizzy drinks!

    If you are headed to New Fantasyland when this great new ride opens, take a few minutes to walk around most of the attraction and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  It has been designed to be fun to watch too, and you can view the ride from most points around the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train area!

    This very smooth running coaster has some 'dark ride' sections which although are not scary, may be upsetting for some kids, but our opinion is that these sections aren't going to bother 99% of the youngest riders.
    With a few fast sections, the ride is designed to be fun for all ages and those quick bursts of speed are short enough to get the adrenalin going without the tears flowing!
  • Extra Info

    Duration: 2 min
    Seating: 2 rows of 2 seats
    Minimum Height: 38in./95cm.
    May Frighten Small Kids: No
    Priority Queuing: Yes
    Single Rider: No
    Child Swap: Yes
  • Line/Queue Info

    Line Type:
    Indoors: Yes
    P.O.I: Some points of interest
    Wait Times (Low): 60 mins
    Wait Times (Peak): 90 mins
    Check Times Guide: No
    Continuous?: Yes
  • Accessibility

    Access: Must transfer to ride seating
    Audio Description: No
    Assistive Listening: No
    Loose Items Permitted: Yes

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