Disney Parks MagicBand FastPassplus MyMagicplus and PhotoPass Explained

Making huge investments during a recession, means a lot of things, the drain on vital reserves usually signifies that any new investment has been justified and interrogated time and time again by analysts.  With that in mind the new MyMagic+ … Continue reading

Free Cell Phone Charging to Reach the Magic Kingdom!

  During the latter part of April 2014, Disney are reported to be adding complementary cell phone charging lockers to a number of locations within the Magic Kingdom. According to WDWmagic.com the small lockers will be up and running on … Continue reading

MagicBand Confidence Spurs A Fun New Promo!

With a dramatic upturn in the MyMagic roll out success, Disney are at last inching closer towards an RFID contactless experience for theme park and resort guests. It has been reported to have cost as much as $1.5bn, so lets … Continue reading

New Universal’s Vacation Planner – Quick Review

Universal have released their new Vacation Planner to help guests make the most of a visit to their Orlando Resorts.  We take a very quick look at what it does and doesn’t do as Universal feel the heat from Disney’s … Continue reading

Sid Cahuenga’s Store in Hollywood Studios Closed Now

One of our favorite Disney stores, fell victim of progress this weekend as Fastpass+ marched deeper into Walt Disney World. The curiosity store is located was located just inside the park entrance on the left hand side and had a … Continue reading

Is Disney Losing Some Magic or Gaining It Through Technology?

  Regular readers will recognise this image of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. It is one of our favorite shots, and all the work of our own photographer. For us, this picture is much more than just a shot … Continue reading

Disney MagicBands Date Is Announced – Dec 1st 2013

While some Disney Resort guests have tried Disney’s new RFID technology for themselves over the summer, almost half of the Resorts are still awaiting the roll out of the MyMagic+ contactless payment and booking system. That all changes in October … Continue reading

Disney Playmation Products Under Development

Disney have recently registered Playmation as a trademark for a hugely diverse range of products including toiletries, fragrances, jewelry, clocks, coins, watch bands, backpacks, luggage, books, party bags, shopping bags, kitchenware, household goods, linen, tableware, clothing, footwear, electrical goods, media … Continue reading

Disney’s MyMagic+ System Goes Fully Live Soon!

After a few months of trials, Disney’s MyMagic+ system will soon be going live across all areas of Walt Disney World, with the Hi-Tech Magicbands at the heart of the $1.5bn project. According to Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, the ability … Continue reading

‘My Disney Experience’ Online Service

We were always confused why Disney hadn’t appeared to be embracing the age of the internet, but now they’ve caught up in a big way thanks to their very usable ‘My Disney Vacation’ planning service. Book, Explore and Discover using … Continue reading

Plastic Annual Disney Pass – Soon to include RFID Technology!

Plastic Annual Disney Pass – RFID Spy in your Pocket? This year Disney introduce a lot of state of the art technology inside their flagship parks.  Many of us will be oblivious to some of the wizardry going on as … Continue reading