The Experiment at Busch Gardens – the Ultimate Horror Event

When it comes to choosing a great scare experience for Halloween in orlando, we would probably say Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for families with kids, and Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights for Adults and older teens (advisable for 14 & over, but there’s no actual age limit!).

We think things will remain like that for a long time to come!

There is a little exception bubbling, and it is over at Busch gardens Tampa.
The Howl O Scream is a great event, but falls a fair bit short of the HHN23 yet is way too extreme for kids.

This week however, SeaWorld Busch announced ‘The Experiment‘.
Much rumoured up until now, we were desperately hoping that the replacement to ‘Alone’ would still come though the apparent budget cuts that are in play over at Busch Gardens.
We weren’t disappointed!

The Experiment is a hyper intensive ‘intimate’ fear experience.
With horrifying actors, gruesome isolated scenes and ghastly makeup effects, darkness, bone chilling audio, snakes, roaches and other unpleasant interactions, you must see how far you can get thought the experience!
If you need ‘out’ just state the ‘stop code’ that you were given at the beginning and you will be guide immediately to safer surroundings.


Halloween Horror Nights News – Universal’s HHN23 Countdown Begins!

HHN23 Details are steadily emerging in true Universal Studios style!



Universal Studios never seem to want to tell the world what’s going on inside their two Orlando theme parks.  Secrecy seems to be their ace card, letting the tweets, facebook status’ and blog posts do the hard work for them!

The new Harry Potter Diagon Alley development was a classic example, having been under construction for over a year before they even whispered what was going on.

Halloween Horror Nights is no exception and what has seemingly developed into the biggest cult seasonal event in Orlando, receives the same PR treatment, shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

With the dates already released in April, as expected, we heard little else until midnight (haha midnight of course!) of the 26th June 2013.

We were promised the announcement of the first ‘House’ of the horror collection at midnight and for those that decided to check the Official HHN Facebook Page earlier started to see a series of blurred images appear on a ‘post by post basis.
At the stoke of 12, all was revealed, as the final ‘un-blurred’ image appeared, shortly followed by the official artwork for the ‘Cabin on the Hill’.

Blur 1Blur 2Blur 3





Blur 4

Cabin on the Hill

If the 2012 HHN22 was anything to go by, we can expect a gradual release of the remaining houses over the course of July and August.


What is Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights?

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, is a special ticket only event held on certain evenings around October.
The streets are full of wild and creepy street performers and the atmosphere is transformed into a safe but fearful place to be.
HHN is certainly no party and is not at all suitable in our opinion for guests under 14.
There’s no age restriction for HHN, but parents would be very cruel to take their kids into the ‘Houses’ below that kind of age.
We’ve seen grown men freak out in there!

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