Best Orlando Vacation Rental Home Deals – Tips!

Vacation Rental homes in Orlando offer fantastic value, luxury and comfort when compared to Hotels.   Our quick guide to getting the best deals could save you hundreds for a Disney vacation!

By following a few simple steps, you can make the most of your time looking for a great deal on a luxury Orlando rental home!

Our Top Tips for the Best Orlando Villas and Vacation Rental Deals

  1. The best standard rates are as you’d imagine, in low season.  Did you know that this season is also the best time to grab a great discount too?
    If the US kids are at school, and you are planning to head out there three weeks or more before a main school break, your chances of a great deal increase rapidly!  Check our ‘Best Times to Go‘ article.
  2. Offer to pay up front and in full.  This always gets the property manager or home owner’s attention.  But exercise caution and only do this if you are dealing with a reputable rental company and you got added protection by paying by credit card!
  3. Find the perfect vacation home, then ask the agent or property managers if they have a similar property at a much better rate.
  4. Try to be flexible with your dates and the particular vacation home.
  5. Last minute bookings aren’t really advisable as the best homes often book out in excess of a year in advance.
    Occasionally though, cancellations spring up, offering amazing chances to strike a great deal!
  6. Pay by Wire Transfer to avoid payment charges.
  7. Skip the Pool Heating in May, June, July, Aug, Sept

The Art of Negotiating a Rental Home Deal

Whatever you are negotiating over, there are a few really simple things to remember.  The principles are the same for a vacation home and the ‘art of negotiation’ will serve you very well if you are prepared to invest some time and a little patience into finding that perfect vacation retreat;
  1. Be realistic but start bold!
    Asking for a 5% discount in low season can be occasionally realistic, 7.5% is bold, but 20% is very unrealistic!
    Almost anything in Peak season would be unrealistic unless you are enquiring a week or two before your check in date!
    It takes no time at all to write an offer by email and send it to an owner, agent or property manager, so give it a go by all means, but once you’ve made a ‘crazy offer’ they might not take you too seriously if you return at a later date with a more realistic offer.
    Credibility is really important when you are negotiating!
    We see time wasting emails every day, and can spot them a mile away, so don’t let your crazy offer slip into that category!
  2. Decide if you want to pay a home’s asking price but get ‘an upgraded’ package, or whether you want a reduced price.  Instead of a discount can the owner use contacts to get you free golf for example?
    A homeowner, might not reduce the weekly rate, but might throw in extras such as pool heat for free!
  3. Don’t expect quick responses when making offers, there’s usually a chain of emails that the agent and owner must exchange for approval.  Expect an acknowledgement of your offer within one working day and a decision within 5 working days at worst.
    If you don’t hear back by then, by all means chase them up, but assume the deal is dead.
  4. Don’t pin your hopes on one deal or one particular home.
  5. In your discussions, always use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’.
    This makes it harder for the other side to try and win you over as an individual.
    Always ‘run anything by your partner’, as it makes your feedback much more ‘powerful’.
  6. Don’t try to be ‘clever’ with the agent or property managers or owners.  They are very experienced people and if your negotiation is respectful, they will put more effort into seeking a great deal for you.  Our agents are genuinely lovely people and would love to help you get a great deal if they can.
    Many people lose the chance of a deal, just because they ‘won the battle of wits’ and put the phone down without closing a deal.  Leave your ego in another room!
  7. Do plenty of research before you pick up the phone.  The more you understand the home,the local area, and the agent’s competitors, the more eager they will wish to close the deal with you as a serious and informed client.
  8. Talk ‘loosely’ about other offers you are looking at, but don’t make offers up, it’s too easy to get caught out and lose credibility.
    An agent may also believe your wild claims and think that your offer is not even worth attempting to come close to!  (Big backfire situation that is hard to recover from!)
  9. Decide what you want to achieve before you pick up the phone and make sure that your call remains focussed on reaching that goal as closely as possible.
    Always have a ‘backstop’ that is a slightly more realistic version of your deal.  Settle for it if the main goal can’t be reached.  (Don’t let that ego ruin a great deal!)
  10. Don’t be pushed into a quick decision by ‘sales pitches’.
  11. However, do try to recognise good advice from reputable agents.
    If the person that you are dealing with is helpful and patient with you, but keeps telling you that there’s lots of interest in the property of your choice, there probably is!
  12. If the agent or property manager can’t offer a deal, don’t get angry!  They would always help you if they could!
  13. Always ask for the person’s name, and if you are going to call back to ask further questions or make a decision, find out when they are next in the office.  It’s much easier to strike a deal with one person!
  14. Always thank the person by email after each call and sum up your conversation as best you can.
    They will appreciate the contact and compliments, but best of all, you have a written record of your discussions to help you pick up the threads next day.
With a small amount of good research, a very patient, polite attitude and a clear and realistic idea of the deal that you want, you are probably two thirds towards getting a great deal!
If you like the idea of a fantastic vacation home, please take a few moments to visit our vacation homes page and find an amazing home for your family’s next Orlando vacation!

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