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Fantasy of Flight - CLOSED


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1400 Broadway Blvd | S.E. Polk City | Florida | 33868
Tel: 863 984 3500
Web: website
Parking Available: Yes

  • Overview

    Fantasy of Flight was closed to the public on April 6th 2014.  We are not yet sure if the attraction will be reopening we will keep you posted on all announcements.

    Guests are still able to book the location for private events including weddings, corporate, team building and special occasions. 

    Fantasy of Flight is a dream of a venue for aviation fans and admirers  .It offers a very wide range of appeal as an incredible working museum, and the Wing WalkAir family activity area is perfect for energetic and daring adventurers. If you are particularly keen to get into the air, Fantasy of Flight offers an incredible chance to take to the skies in a number of stunning historic aircraft for an additional fee.

  • Costs

    Operating Hours Thursday - Sunday
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    Admission - Packages

    Fantasy of Flight Extras Included Adult 6-12yrs 
    Yes None $29.95  $15.95  
    YesWing WalkAir Zip line and Ropes $46.95  $32.95  
    YesWing WalkAir Zip line  $39.95  $25.95  
    YesWing WalkAir Ropes  $36.95  $22.95  
    NoWing WalkAir Zip line and Ropes  $22.00  $22.00  
    No Wing WalkAir Zip line  $15.00  $15.00  
    No Wing WalkAir Ropes  $12.00  $12.00  

    *General Admission for under 6's is free.

    Flight Experiences - Per passenger

    15 Mins Biplane Flight D-25 $69.95 per person 
    30 Mins hands on Biplane Flight $229.00 per person 

  • Key Points

    • Static Aircraft Exhibits
    • Flying Experiences - Additional
    • Adventure Zipline and Rope Climb
    • Tram Ride - Restoration Tours
    • Regular Shows and Displays
    • Over 40 aircraft including a B-17 Flying Fortress
    • Frequent Aerial Demonstrations
    • Night Flights
  • Editor Comment

    Aviation captures the imagination of most people, and Fantasy of Flight does a great job of reminding us just how quickly and how far this amazing form of transportation has gone.

    The main admission gets enthusiasts up close, but it's the Wing WalkAir adventure area that does it for kids and it's the Flight Experiences that do it for the adventurous!

    Set your concerns about costs to one side, this place will make your vacation if you pick and choose to suit your interests!
  • Fun and Adventure on a higher plane!

    A fairly short drive away from the main tourism area, Fantasy of Flight offers aviation admirers a unique experience to get up close to some of the legends of the skies.

    Fantasy of Flight is naturally a much more relaxed attraction than the theme parks, making it a very welcome break in a hectic schedule. 
    There's plenty to see and do, and you can pick and choose whether you want to get really technical involved by attending the restoration talks, or you can choose to just simply drift around the silent and beautiful exhibits at a leisurely pace.

    For the more adventurous, the zip line and rope climb Wing WalkAir activity is a great way for kids and adults to let off a bit of steam!

    Where things really slot into place though is the aviation experiences that are additional costs to the admission fee and are best booked in advance.
    The experience is unforgettable and although the prices may seem high, we feel that they are well worthwhile paying if you are an aviation lover or just looking for that something special!

    Regular Events and Shows

    Sun 'n' Fun Splash-in
    Held near the end of March each year - Seaplanes and Amphibious craft in competitive action.
    Regular Admission to Fantasy of Flight provides complimentary entry to the Sun 'n' Fun Splash-in.
    Guest may attend the Sun 'n' Fun Splash-in and skip the Fantasy of Flight for $10 including parking.

    Mustangs and Mustangs
    Near the end of March
    Not a horse to be seen, but plenty of horsepower!
    Ford Mustangs and P-51 WWII Fighters fill air with their beautiful sounds.

    Roar and Soar
    End of November
    Land Sea and Air machines at their very best in action and up close!
    Unique classic vehicles, giant scale RC  aircraft, display boats and race boats.

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